Join our mission in Ukraine and Siberia!

This movement, that has already touched hundreds of people, started 4 years ago when the Lord opened a unique door for us to minister in Ukraine and Russia.

In the past 4 years we’ve had 7 mission trips involving 42 missionaries, which led to thousands of people hearing the Gospel, 823 of which received Jesus in their hearts. We also held 3 “Encounter with God” conferences attended by over 300 participants.

Today the Lord is preparing the hearts of people like never before. Many find themselves in very difficult situations, which bring more hunger after God. People are in need of everyday supplies. Humanitarian aid, and Christian literature is a great blessing. People attending special events held by the missionaries experience the love of God and His acceptance. They find hope in the Lord.

The next mission trip will take place in the beginning of March, 2016. You have a unique opportunity to become a part of the mission, and a mighty move of God. We are in great need of volunteers, prayer, and financial support. In just a few weeks we need to collect $4,000 for the next trip to Russia and Ukraine.

If you would like to become a part of the mission and help out, please click the Donate button. No gift is too small! May God bless you abundantly! Let’s be a part of revival!