About Us

About us

Covenant Church of World Ministries is a thriving international ministry, dedicated to bringing the Gospel to those, who needs it most, and making disciples around the world, bringing up righteous leaders of tomorrow


Our Mission

The main goal of the ministry is establishing God’s Kingdom on earth by preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ that is the power of God into salvation.

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” John 3:16

Our Vision

Our Vision is to see the lives of people radically transformed by God’s forgiveness and love. We are to recognize the needs of the people and serve them by:
– Planting new churches
– Supporting existing churches and ministries
– Opening rehab centers
– Caring for orphans
– Training and equipping men and women to be sent out into the mission field

Vitaly Maksimjuk
Bishop of the Russian Church of Evangelical Faith Christians
Senior Pastor of Covenant Church of Novosibirsk

Pastor Vitaly was born into a Christian family in Rovno, Ukraine. In 1991 he graduated from Calvary Missionary school in Riga, Latvia; then in 2010 – from Russian Christian Humanitarian Academy, majoring in Religious Studies. In the summer of 1991, Pastor Vitaly and his wife Nadezhda moved to Novosibirsk, Russia. They arrived with a small, but dedicated, missionary team to preach the Gospel and plant a church, that was successfully built just a few months later, in December. It was the first Evangelical Church to open in Siberia after the Soviet Union had collapsed. Currently it is one of the biggest Evangelical Churches beyond the Ural Mountains with over a thousand members. For 25 years Covenant Church of Novosibirsk has been actively involved in street evangelism, ministering to addicts, people in prisons, human trafficking victims; supporting orphanages and home churches; holding regional conferences and partnering with the Christian satellite TV channel TBN-Russia to preach the Word and bring the Good News to the Russian-speaking audience in over 180 countries.

Pastor Vitaly’s greatest desire has always been preaching the Gospel to the lost and equipping men and women to be sent out into the mission field. So when in 2011 God called him, and Nadezhda, who serves alongside her husband, and their children to lead an apostolic ministry in Odessa, Ukraine, they have answered His call and started working to build churches, create disciples and reach the lost in this area of the world. As of 2016, the newly planted church in Odessa has over 70 members, dozens of orphans have found care and compassion in the House of Hope, where they reside and grow in their relationship with God. Pastor Vitaly’s and Nadezhda’s biggest dream is to open more houses just like that one, to minister to the orphans and help them grow into future leaders, spearheading the wave of Revival everywhere they go.


Irina Kralenko
CEO & Founder of Covenant Church of World Ministries

Irina Kralenko’s vision and dedication to Establishing God’s Kingdom make her the backbone of this ministry. Her greatest passion and desire is to see more people saved and experience the Power of the Cross.

Irina was born in Novosibirsk, Russia, and spent her childhood in the Lutheran Church. In 2005 she moved to Orlando, FL, where she had face-to-face encounter with Jesus, and dedicated her life to the Lord. That moment forever changed Irina’s life and from then on she has been serving to fulfill the Great Commission.

God has called Irina to bring the Gospel to Siberia, and Ukraine, and answering His call, she became truly passionate about seeing these regions saved and revived. Irina has dedicated her life to sharing God’s love with people, showing them, how precious they are in the eyes of the Lord. She believes that one of the best ways to bring God’s Kingdom to Ukraine is to minister to orphans – children and teenagers with no one to care for them and their needs. She works tirelessly to bring mission teams to Odessa and other cities, to find and connect the right people, who can help these precious little souls experience the Power of the Cross through physical, spiritual and emotional healing.

What we believe

  • We recognize God as the supreme and absolute Authority and Power.
  • We recognize salvation as a free gift to all mankind through Jesus’ mercy and grace given on the Cross.
  • We recognize the Holy Scripture as the only source of Christian revival and right to each Christian to understand and interpret the Bible.
  • We recognize the Church as “Christian fellowship” where the Gospel is been preached in all its purity.
  • We recognize the right for every Christian to pray to God without having so called “special mediators”.
  • We believe in apostolic baptism in the Holy Spirit with signs manifesting with spiritual gifts for His Church to be shaped, believers to be raised up and bring unbelievers to faith. We believe in biblical order that Apostles had confirmed for marriage, for premarital relationship, for Church structure, for worship and devotion.
  • We believe in mission where we have to reach out to each tribe and every nation.
  • We believe we need to do social work inside and outside of the Church. We surely understand and confirm we need to be educated secularly and spiritually, since without knowledge we take a risk to be aggressive and extreme.
  • We believe we must have good relationship with government and even cooperate in areas that the Holy Scriptures describes.