The Wind of Change!

  • The Wind of Change!

The Wind of Change!

Three amazing days at women’s God Encounter went by as a single breath. God’s Word, worship, prayer, an incredible immersion in the atmosphere of the presence of the Holy Spirit, forgiveness and purification – a time of dramatic changes in the lives of each of the 70 women who came there.

Almost all participants were at the conference for the first time. With great joy and relief they were freed from sins, wounds and curses, experiencing the power of God’s forgiveness and love. For some of them it was the very first experience with God and they gladly accepted Jesus into their hearts.

On the last day of the conference the water baptism took place where seven sisters made a covenant with God. Purified, delivered and healed they have decided to devote their lives to the Living Christ.

The Lord is building up His Church by saving souls, purifying and healing tormented lives of his precious children.

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