Let there be LOVE!!!!

  • Let there be LOVE!!!!

Let there be LOVE!!!!

God stepped down and said “Let there be love” over the God Encounter. And there was love. And God said it was very good.

Embraced. Forgiven Broken. Healed Transformed. Delivered. Equipped. Empowered.

The persistence of God’s love broke through hearts that at first tried to run away. Each story precious and beautiful in its own way. A mother’s love healing a street living orphans heart. A war refugee man crying all the way through a video on the wounds of the earthly father. An orphan being slain in the Spirit and releasing joy like a river. An orphan with a smile that would not stop saying he never felt so happy. Many forgiving horrible tragedies and betrayals and abuses. A new song written. An ex-satanist getting freedom. A little girl joyfully speaking in tongues. Glorious baptisms in the Black Sea.

Let there be LOVE!!!!!
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