Gentle like a dove

  • Gentle like a dove

Gentle like a dove

It’s so amazing how Holy Spirit moves when the word of God is released. You could see hearts responding to the message of the Fathers love. One poor drug addicted man sat with filthy hands and track marks on his arms. He looked down and was bent over. After surrendering his life to Jesus he began to get delivered of the demons that held him in bondage. Each step of freedom saw his head higher and his back straighten more and more. Eventually he could look you in the eye and receive a long long hug. He could not describe his feelings of lightness and newness. Born again into the kingdom of God he was comforted by Holy Spirit and free by the blood of Christ. Everywhere lives were being touched and freed by both receiving forgiveness from Christ and then forgiving others. God’s work is so beautiful as He sets the captives free!!!

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