In Search of Life’s Purpose

  • In Search of Life’s Purpose

In Search of Life’s Purpose

Sergey is a man devoted to GOD, his life is full of joy and purpose. But it hasn’t always been like this.

In his youth, Sergey used to be a rebel. He always resisted the social rules and tried to find some special purpose in life. When he was 16, he left his parents’ home. “That was the first mistake I’d made in life and as a result all I was left with were pain and loneliness.” says Sergey. In his search for something he decided to build a family hoping that it would fill his life with the purpose he had so long been looking for. But he failed again. Feelings of loneliness, disappointment and pain came back. After a while he decided to move to new a city and for several years he moved more than ten times, but he still couldn’t find what he had been looking for. His soul was still empty, he was still lonely.

Years passed. Trying to stifle his feelings, he started drinking alcohol, then using light and later hard drugs.

“I was feeling worse and worse. Once a day came when I was sitting and thinking with my inflamed mind what would be a better way to put an end to my life. At that moment GOD knocked on the door of my heart”.

Sergey met some people who showed him the way out through Jesus CHRIST. They prayed for him, helped him back on his feet, and believed that he would make it. With a smile on his face, Sergey now confidently states, “Jesus has made me completely free from all addictions. He gave me the answers to the questions I had been looking for. He is The One who gave me strength to live and to have an abundant life!”

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