Youth encounter with GOD

  • Youth encounter with GOD

Youth encounter with GOD

GOD is with us every minute, but are we ready for the special encounter with Him? Different things may distract us from this fellowship. That is why the conference “Encounter with GOD” was established. This is the time when you can put away your worries in order to hear The Father’s voice.

In Novisibirsk there was a special conference of such kind for the youth. Many young people participated in it and most of them had only one purpose – to receive answers for many questions which arise in the minds of a new generation. The youth spent three days in the house of prayer worshiping and hearing the Word. The foundation of the future spiritual growth was put there. Everyone made a decision to leave their sins on the cross, to forgive those who had hurt them, to accept themselves and to be open to the unconditional love of GOD. No one can remain the same in a place where GOD comes because the touch of The Holy Spirit changes everyone.

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